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- Gilding all surfaces, gold plated of any metal, stone, bone, wood, leather, glass etc.
- Gold-plating and coating platinum, palladium coating, silver plating, rhodium-coated etc.
- Gilding on any classic and unique technology: Diamond AMG, Gold Leaf, Ttitanium Nitride IGT, etc.
- Galvanized any appliances and pure 24-carat gold, platinum, silver, palladium, iridium, rhodium etc.
- Gilding precious metals of all colors: yellow, red, pink, blue, green, lime, black, gray and white gold etc.
- Gold plated any decorative items with gold leaf, silver and platinum all thicknesses and sizes.
- Gilding with gold and platinum any carat - 14 carat gold, 18 carat, 22 carat, 23 carat, 24 carat etc.
- Professional restoration, restyling and restoration gilding on all products and items.
- Only handmade, individual orders and precious materials of excellent quality.

Exclusive Scorpion Brooch of Gilding or Gold-Cast with Crystal Swarovski or Diamond. VIP Scorpions by MJ
Gold-plated pendants, gold rings, gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold brooches, gold bracelets...
Individual orders issued exclusive jewelry handmade-cast gold with diamonds.
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Unique Gold Mouse MJ Limited Edition Edition- Solid Gold, 585, 750, 777. 888 or Pure Gold 999
Individual orders issued from different precious metals-cast samples from 585 to 999.
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Gilded busts, gilded statues, gold plated figurines and other souvenirs by MJ
Gold bust of Hippocrates, Aristotle, Caesar, Napoleon, Che Guevara, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Putin, Yanukovych, Obama...
Any busts of historical figures to individual orders of silver, gold, platinum and gold. stone and bone...
Individual orders issued any figures and busts-cast gold - www.gold.mj777.com
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VIP Slim Japanese Knife Gold Edition with Fish Leather by MJ
Luxury with a knife blade and gilded gilded fittings. Handle and scabbard from fish skin.
Individual orders all kinds of exotic leather, cast gold with studs of real diamonds.
Plated knives, gold daggers, swords gilded, gilt swords, axes plated...

Gold-plated phone, gold plated key chain and python skin by MJ
Luxurious set of phone cover and key fob gold and python leather handmade.
Gold-plating of any materials. Gilding leather, gilt metal, gilt wood,
Silicone gilding, gilding stones, bones gilding, gilt plastic, glass gilding...
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Gold-plated dumbbells. Decorative gilt. Galvanic gilding. Gilding with gold leaf. Gold customize by MJ
Individual orders gilding sports equipment and production of solid gold. Only handmade and precious materials.
Gilded rope, stick gilded gilded racquet ball plated, gold plate, washer gilded, gold starting pistol, air rifle gold plated, gold weight,
plated bike, scooter gilded, gold skateboard plated rollers, gold snowboard, skiing gold, gold helmet, gold shoes, gold shoes, gold-plated fins,
gilded boxing glove, gold pins, gold hula hoop, gold treadmill, gilded hammer, javelin gold plated, gold-plated disc plated pole, gold plated chess
Gold-plated watch, gold checkers, sportswear plated, gold-plated sports icons cue plated, gold bowling ball, tennis ball gilded gilded rapier
gilt medal, gold bar, gold trainers and any other sporting goods and luxury sport items.
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and elite sports equipment - www.sport.mj777.com

Samsung Armani Gold Platinum Diamond Limited Edition - Gold Customize by MJ
Individual orders gilding any smartphones, phones, tablets, laptops...
Also available in royal edition electronics housings of cast gold or platinum with diamonds.
See also catalog premium phones - www.phones.mj777.com


Exclusive gold souvenirs. Gold-plated gifts. Gold-plated corporate gifts. Gold Plated by MJ.
Individual orders any luxury gift, souvenir, figurine or accessory can be carried out in gilt and gold in the cast. Gold-plated adjustable wrench. gilded helmet, gold scalpel, gold pen, gold hammer, gold scales, gold plated brush and easel, gilded chamber, gilded tablet, gilded ice cream, gold flower, gold rod, gold house, gold bricks, gold-plated spatula loaf plated, gold-plated toilet, Plated lifeline radio plated, gold train, gold ship, plane plated, gold-plated car Any themed gifts covered with gold or silver. Copyright souvenirs of all shapes and sizes in gilt. Any items and themed products covered by electroplating or gold leaf. Souvenirs for any professional and theme parties. Day of the metallurgical industry. (July 15), Accountant's Day, Day of the trade and catering, Day of the construction industry, Independence Day, Miner's Day, Day Trader, Day of Physical Culture and Sports, the Day of Ukrainian cinema, Day of the Oil and Gas Industry, Day pharmacist, the World Tourism Day, Day of the artist, Day rescuer, Day of the automotive industry, Day of the State Tax Administration, Day social worker, Day of Radio, television and communication, Students' Day, Students' Day, Day of agriculture, Day prosecutors, the International Day of Disabled Persons, the International Day of Goldsmith, local governments Day!, International Human Rights Day, Day of the Land Forces of Ukraine, Day of the energy industry, Diplomatic Worker's Day, Day of the drug control authorities, sailor submariner Da and any other.
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MJ - USB Flash Drive Gold Carbon "Gentleman of the Future" Limited Edition
Gold plated stick. Platinum plated stick. Palladium plated stick. Plated silver stick. Rhodium plated stick.
Computer flash drives and other accessories covered by any kind of precious metals. Gilding flash drives.
Flash drive for individual orders issued in cases entirely of gold or in simpler versions gilded.
On the products contains a sample 585, 750, 999 and a certificate which shows the type of gold deposition on the body
Flash of carbon and three types of gold: red, yellow or white. Encrusted with diamonds and platinum.
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Plated laptops. Laptops housings coated with gold or platinum.
The Golden Notebook. Unique edition ultrabook in 18-or 24-carat gold.
Model of the Royal LE series is available in cast gold 750-carat (18K)
Model in the series is available in Gold Plated Gold plated body 999-carat (24K)
Individual orders any notebooks, laptops, tablets and other gadgets of gold.
MJ Ultrabook Asus Zenbook Exclusive Edition Gold LE. Laptop Solid Gold 18k or Laptop Gilding 24k
See also catalog exclusive notebooks - www.notebook777.com and tablets - www.ipad.mj777.com

Gilt mirrors, gilded lamps, gilt TV, gilt PC, gilt moldings, gild frame, gilded furniture etc.  Gilding by MJ
Computers plated, gilded chairs, gilded tables, gold-plated faucets, gold railing,
gilded staircase, gilded chandeliers, gilded baths, refrigerators gold, gilded appliances,
gilded couches, dressers gold, gilded chairs, gilded furniture and any VIP accessories
Furniture top-class products with elements from one piece stamped gold with diamond decoration.
Any furniture and any other accessories in gilt and gold leaf on MJ
See also catalog luxury furniture - www.furniture.mj777.com

Plated lighters. Lighters covered in precious metals - gold, silver, platinum or rhodium.
Gold lighter. Available in gilded housing or enclosure of solid gold or platinum with an individual engraving.
Gilding lighters, ashtrays, cigarette holders, tobacco pipes, cigarette cases, and any other accessories.
MJ Golden Lighters Handmade Limited Edition - Gold Plated Lighters or Solid Gold Lighters by MJ
See also catalog exclusive handmade lighters - www.lighters.mj777.com

Gold-plated flatware, gold cutlery, gold spoons, gold-plated fork, gold-plated knives by MJ
Individual orders luxury cutlery any design of silver gilt, or solid cast gold.
A cutlery of precious metals inlaid with amber, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds.
See also exclusive catalog of cutlery and crockery Suites - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

Gold-plated pipes. Exclusive pipes of leaf-gold or silver.
Individual orders inlay tubes, tampering, and any other accessories cast in yellow or white gold.
Gilding any product. Any technology coatings gold galvanic gilding gold leaf before.
See also catalog exclusive pipes, tamper and accessories - www.pipes.mj777.com

Gold-plated key. Gift keys covered with gold or platinum. Golden key fob with ring by MJ
Individual orders any souvenirs, trinkets and accessories with gold or gold cast from the Art Studio MJ
Golden key can be like this and serve to open the locks and decorative ornament.
See also catalog of exclusive souvenirs - www.souvenirs.mj777.com, vip trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com

Gold-plated whistle. Exclusive whistle in gilded or silvered body.
Individual orders unique whistles for judges, referees, police, traffic police, the police...
Commissioned by the whistle can be made in gilded housing or enclosure entirely of solid gold.
Gold whistles. Silver whistles. Platinum whistles. Diamond whistles. Stone whistles.
Whistles with inlays of precious stones, precious woods, bones, meteorites, exotic leather...
Any whistle can be engraved with initials or inlay judge emblem federation emblem...
See also catalog exclusive VIP gifts - www.vip.mj777.com and sporting goods - www.sport.mj777.com
Exclusive whistle of gold vip customize by MJ

Copyright gold pendant. State trial of precious metals and certificates. Gilding any trinkets.
Trinkets are available in editions of jewelry solid gold or in simpler versions keychains gilded.
Individual orders gilt trinkets of all shapes and designs. Covering trinkets gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium...
See also catalog of flash drives luxury of gold, platinum, leather, wood, bone, carbon and diamonds - www.keychains.mj777.com
Gilding Key Rings, Key Chains & Trinkets Gold Plated of Solid Gold by MJ

Gold-plated pistol. Exclusive golden gun is available in 2 versions.
Pistol in 24 carat gold leaf, or in the case of solid gold 999-carat (24 ct.)
Natural leather decorated with carved mother of pearl.
Gold Plated Gun of Gud made of Solid Gold 24k with Mother of Pearl Handle
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Gilt seal. VIP seal plated with real gold or platinum by MJ
Individual orders exclusive equipment for seals with gold plating or solid gold.
Catalog copyright stamps cliche snap and handmade stamps - www.seal.mj777.com

Gold plated watches and accessories. Gilding hours and any jewelry from MJ
Watch case, bracelet, flash drive, ring and other accessories for individual orders are covered with gold or platinum.
Sets out a series of Royal Solid Gold 777 made of solid gold alloy newest 777-th sample.
Individual orders possible implementation of the housing of the cast of precious metals for all models of hours.
See also catalog luxury watches - www.watch.mj777.com, unique rings - www.ring.mj777.com, vip flash drives - www.vip-flash.com
Exclusive Gold Plated Set Gilding or Solid Gold Watch Case 777, Unique Gold Ring, & VIP Gold USB Flash Drive

Gilded frames handmade by individual orders.
Luxurious frame for paintings and photographs with a gilt baguette and Swarovski crystals.
The frame is available in 2 versions. Frames made of solid gold with diamonds and gilded frame with Swarovski crystals.
Any size for individual orders 3x4, 9x13, 10x15, 13x18, 20x30, 30x40, 70x100cm and others.
See also catalog exclusive photo frames, pictures and baguettes - www.frame.mj777.com
Luxury Frame Made of Gold Plated & Swarovski of Diamonds & Solid Gold - 585, 750, 777 or 999 by MJ

Gilded Oscar. Gold plated Oscar statuette. Perfect quality and premium materials by MJ.
Individual orders any trophies, medals and awards in the cast or gilt gold, silver and bronze.
Gilded goblets, gilded statues, gold awards, gold medals,
See also catalog exclusive figurines and souvenirs - www.figurines.mj777.com
Catalog personalized medals, trophies and other awards - www.award.mj777.com

Gold-plated pistol. Gun covered with gold and platinum.
Unique handmade golden gun performed in 24k gold plating or in the case of solid gold 18k.
Individual orders any weapon models with drawing any diamond inlays and engravings.
See also catalog pistols, rifles, knives and other weapons collector - www.weapon.mj777.com
Unique Golden Gun Limited Edition - Gold Gun 18k Horse Brilliant

Gilding hours. Recovery of gilding on the clock, bracelets and any other products.
Making gilded hours or hours of solid gold in all shapes and sizes.
Unique Form Gold Case, Unique Cut Diamond Incrustation, Sea Stingray Leather Band
Gilding hours. Recovery of gilding on the clock, bracelets and any other products. Customize Gilding by MJ

See also catalog of exclusive watches and straps handmade - www.watch.mj777.com

Gilt interior clock. Desktop clock covered with gold or platinum.
For individual orders made interior clocks of all sizes, styles and designs.
Watch extreme class luxury produced integrally cast of 24-carat gold and ivory.
See also catalog of exclusive watches, pocket watches and interior - www.watch.mj777.com
VIP clock made of solid gold 24k and ivory. For individual order any size, style and design.

Gilded hookah. Calabash covered with real gold 999-carat handmade.
Individual gilding hookahs, incense stands, ashtrays, forceps and other accessories.
Any model can be made of solid gold or simply covered with gold leaf.
See also catalog exclusive handmade products - www.handmade777.com
Gilded hookah. Calabash covered with real gold 999-carat handmade by MJ.

Gold-plated iPhone in 24-carat gold. Gilding Apple iPhone any models, editions and versions by MJ.
Gilt frame, gilt logo, gilt back, gilt buttons, gold-plated camera, gilding any details.
Available in 2 versions. In simple - it is gold plated, and expensive - this is a whole cast gold.
Individual orders back of the phone in any form or gold finish leather, wood, stone...
As well as restoring the gilding on all phones and other devices. Replacement parts for cast gilt gold.
See also catalog tuned smartphone iPhone - www.iphone-luxury.com

Gold plated usb stick-cufflinks handmade by MJ.
Available in gold-plated case or case of cast gold or cast platinum.
Hi-Tech Luxury Cufflinks Jewelry Edition-USB Flash Drive Solid Gold or Solid Platinum
See also catalog copyright flash cards from MJ - www.vip-flash.com
Listings exclusive cufflinks - www.cufflinks.mj777.com

Plated tempera. Gilt stamps. Gilt printing. Plated souvenirs. Gold-plated gifts.
Exclusive Print and tempera gilded or cast of precious metals and the latest innovative alloys.
White gold, yellow gold, red gold, pink gold, platinum gold, titanium steel, bronze,
Damascus steel, damask, platinum gold, Mokume gane, rhodium, osmium, nickel silver, nickel silver, sterling silver...
See also catalog exclusive tamper - www.tampers.mj777.com
Catalog copyright stamps and seals - www.seal.mj777.com

Elite kit of gold-plated rings and gilded earrings with amber - www.amber.mj777.com
Models Series Gold-Cast is not available in gilt and solid gold 585th or 750th sample.
Individual orders inlay any precious stones and organic materials, as well as
coral, mother of pearl, jet, carbon, wood, leather, bone and other valuable materials.
See also catalog exclusive earrings - www.earrings.mj777.com
Catalog luxurious rings and rings handmade - www.ring.mj777.com
Unique Set Amber Earrings & Ring Lux Edition by MJ

Gold-plated mobile phone. The phone case is covered with gold and decorated with Swarovski crystals.
Individual orders production of the newest phones unique alloy of gold 777th sample and drag. stones.
MJ Customize - Nokia 8800 Gold Plated or Nokia 8800 Arte Gold Heart Single-Copy VIP Luxury Edition
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Gold-plated USB flash drive. Stick covered with real gold.
Individual orders fleshka gold bullion. Solid cast body 24 carat gold ingot.
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MJ - USB Flash Drive Gold Classical Edition - Gilding & Solid Ingot Gold 24 Carat


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